Collection: Pentacoven Chronicles

Five young witches. An ancient prophecy. A summons that cannot be ignored.

Can five young witches, bred for the sole intent of saving a realm they never knew existed, find the magic within to save the country of Macornia? Or will the evil Faborian witches destroy them before they can fulfill their true destiny?

Fueled by vengeance against the evil witches who took my mother's life, I stumble upon a hidden truth in a sealed historical tome. Within its pages is a revelation that could save my cherished country and everyone I love from the powerful, evil witches of Faboria.

The catch? We must interfere in the realm of humans. Forbidden spells must be cast upon innocent mortals so that the five predicted to save us are born with magical powers.

With Faboria promising to kill or enslave us, the survival of our world teeters on the edge. These young, unsuspecting young witches are our last hope. But will they agree to carry out what they were born to do?

Dive into this gripping YA Fantasy series about courage, embracing our unique talents and the powerful magic of friendship.